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Mora makes a wide range of outdoor knives for a variety of applications and usage styles - all of them still made in Sweden. MORA Swedish Carving Knives Knives from Mora in Sweden have had an excellent reputation for more than 100 years. A Morakniv is always made in Mora, in our factory in the village of Östnor, where it’s been located for centuries. Tel: +46-250 59 50 00 The laminated steel features layers of high carbon steel with a core The Morakniv Wooden Spoon Carving Set includes the Morakniv 120 Straight Carving knife and the Morakniv 164 Hook Knife. That is NOT to say that push cuts are the best type of cuts to carve a concave shape into your spoon. A single edge blade can be tough or a dream to work with because it limits left handed people to only push cuts or strictly pull cuts for right handed people. For spoon carving there’s limited utility in having a variety of axes and straight knives. I’m talking about the blade here, just to make that clear! I’ll get to the blade last, but FIRST the handle is made of hardwood oak that is processed with organic linseed oil. VAT SE556035093501 Morakniv AB 556035-0935 Our products are made in Mora, Sweden, like we have since 1891. Take a look at these two hook knives below. If you want to carve your own spoon, dish or cup, a spoon knife is the best option as its U-shape ma.. $28.44 . If cost and life expectancy is your concern then I’d suggest going with the Beavercraft option. We have control over the entire production, as it’s we who carry out each step of the process. Considering you’re still getting it with carbon steel, which is a must have material for any blade doing carving, that has a double edge, it is a solid choice. A quick way around this is to just sharpen the flat side of the blade, however, if you are unfamiliar with sharpening but want a double edge blade on your hook knife then I suggest checking out the Mora 162 below. I definitely agree with the recommendation of the Beavercraft. Ever since the beginning in 1891 we have been manufacturing high-quality knives in Mora, Sweden, proven to stand the test of time. The name reflects the important link between our products, the town of Mora and its Swedish origin. Morakniv spoon knives. 08 6161 0392 Blade dimensions are important, that’s a fact. ... NEW Mora 162 Double Edged Spoon/Bowl Carving Knife. Never miss out on the latest news from Morakniv. With a good quality wood carving knife, you can make many of the bushcraft tools you might need while spending time around the campfire. It is hollow ground, which might be a turn off for some, but honestly, it’s not a real problem. Wood Carving Tools. Sort By: Featured Items Newest Items Best Selling A to Z Z to A By Review Price: Ascending Price: Descending Now while double edge makes it incredibly versatile to right and left handed carvers, it restricts you from using your thumb as a stabilizer for push cuts. This hook knife has a double-edged blade. Mora Knives. Morakniv 164 is specialised for spoon and bowl carving. Check out these cheap best sharpening stones. Carving & Whittling Knives from Ron Hock, Pfeil, Flexcut, Pfeil Abbeglen, Shoulder Knives, Mora knives and Mastercarver If you have then you know it practically takes a lifetime to accomplish. Wood Carving Scorp – Round Tool for Bowl, Spoon, and Cup Carving. Well that is where basswood excels because you don’t actually have to carve with the grain at all and that’s something that will come in handy when carving a spoon. Above, the Mora 120 and below the Mora 106. Fax: +46-250 59 50 01. Living handcrafts in Sweden – Tailor made shoes, Living handcrafts in Sweden – Brushes of horsehair. Luckily, for a decent hook knife, it is quite affordable to purchase and even easier to maintain, but I would not advise buying just any hook knife. Perth. Blade material. The only limit is your own imagination. Mora of Sweden was formed in 2005 through the merger of Frosts Knivfabrik and KJ Eriksson. Whereas the other two are pretty straightforward on how to use. Frosts/mora hooks. From: £22.95 £35.00 Out of stock. Some woodworkers claim Morakniv wood carving wood knives to be the best wood carving tools for beginners. Make History.” made by Kojan Film in collaboration with Ember Light and Consid Communication. Morakniv Wooden Spoon Carving Set. You could, of course, also use this knife for many other wood carving tasks. Mora Hook Knives The Mora Hook Carving Knife are the best tools available for anyone interested in carving spoons, bowls, and cups by hand. Below are some examples of what the Mora 164 hook knife can be used for and its pros and cons. As an amazon associate, Best Wood Carving Tools may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site. Out Of Stock. Morakniv wins first prize for the commercial “Morakniv Classic. View our extensive range of Morakniv Knives, from Mora Clipper/Companions knives to wood carving knives. NEW Mora 163 Double Edged Spoon/Bowl Carving Knife. The oiled birch handles are barrel-shaped for a good grip when carving. There’s a long tradition of knife making in Mora. Mora Outdoor Knives. Morakniv wood carving knives are well known for their sharpness and precision. On the other hand if you are one to use the push cut technique more often than not, you’ll want to stick with the 164. Introducing the new Mora 2000 (S) Anniversary Edition – a true collector’s item. This great Swedish maker has been producing knives for may years and currently supply Military Forces Worldwide. They also feature specially designed handles so that you can perform the necessary movement with your wrist. The best spoon carving knife is going to have a lower radius which is best for carving a smaller surface area (the knife on top). The only two things I don’t like when comparing those two (Mora 164 and Beavercraft) is that the Mora 164 uses a stainless steel blade and the neither are forgiving for left handed carvers. Unfortunately there seems to be a number of people receiving their knife dull, I suggest taking a sharpening stone to the blade. Granted, it CAN be done, but if you want the bowl of a spoon to have a smooth finish then I suggest getting the best spoon carving knife (a.k.a. They arrive sharp, work well, last long, and they’re not from China (thank you Sweden). Your email address will not be published. Mora knives are an automatic staple among woodcarving tools. It has an internal radius of 0.5 inches which makes it great for carving any size wooden spoon. Mora knives are also designed so that you can work with high precision, regardless of whether it is a Classic Mora knife, an Ergonomic Mora knife or a craftman’s knife. Wood Carving Tools Set for Spoon Carving 3 Knives in Tools Roll Leather Strop and Polishing Compound Hook Sloyd Detail Knife (Deluxe Spoon Carving Kit S13X) 4.7 out of … A Morakniv® (Mora knife) is always a knife from Mora of Sweden.The company is still family-owned and develops and manufactures knives which are delivered to all parts of the world. It is wider and covers more surface area (the knife on bottom). A high carbon steel blade with an internal radius of 0.6 inches is hard to argue against. Wood carvery can encompass many aspects and different tools are more specialised for different tasks. We have always developed our knives in close collaboration with professional users. This brand actually has not just 2 hook knives but 3 different kinds (162, 163, and the 164), with little differentiating details between them I might add so it all boils down to preference. Morakniv Swedish Hook knives are ideal for carving small cups & bowls, spoons, ladles, and other deeply hollowed work. Each of these crooked blade knives are designed for creating spoons and bowls, a rewarding and fun activity that is popular on bushcraft courses and outdoor pastimes.Spoon and Bowl Making Knives:Mora 162 - This knife offers a d Always, always go with basswood if you’re a beginner carver, hands down. This is about as straightforward as you can get with a spoon carving knife. All rights reserved. The Mora spoon knives are remarkable. Often positively acclaimed for being consistently resilient, pull cuts are the name of the game when it comes to carving with hook knives so the Mora 164 is best for right handed people, unless you can perform push cuts with your left hand too. Why do you think a hook knife needs a higher internal radius or a lower one? Generations of carpenters and wood carvers have appreciated the precision tools made by Morakniv in Mora, Sweden since 1891. Even though this is number 3 on our list of best spoon carving knives it definitely deserves the number 2 spot. To start out in a spoon and bowl carving you will need best spoon carving tools. Anyway, sorry about the rant, the 164 seems to be a popular favorite and is often times used in woodcarving workshops. All knives are solid options, but if you get something like the Mora 162 with the double edge blade then you have to know how to use it, or at least learn. It isn’t real fancy, but will get the job done if you take care of it. Mora Knives Wood Carving 120 Knife Blank, Carbon Steel. Laminated steel. Mora 164 Wood Carving Knife The Mora Wood Carving 164S is a specialized tool for wood carving. Although the knife as a whole is pretty generic looking, it gets the job done well for under twenty bucks. And our constant repetition is extremely important. If you want to stick to the fewest tools possible, then a scorp such as this one from Lee Stoffer will be the least restrictive option. You may choose the right one best carving knife based on the reviews, but to me, there are two knife producers whose wood carving tools for sale compete to be called a top wood carving knife for me so let’s have them compared. They are similar looking in design, but different internal radius. ⭐️ CUTTING EDGE is very sharp, which allows you to cut soft wood. We have made or own research on the top rated spoon carving tools and are ready to share our findings with you. Now it’s time to add some new colours to our anniversary year! The stainless steel blades run the length of the handles so they'll always be firmly attached. This of course applies to what colours the limited edition gets. How To Make Woodworking Projects Profitable, 7 Reasons Basswood Is The Best Wood For Carving, Full tang blade (more durable than partial tang), Comes with sheath for protection and proper storage. Models with longer and shorter blades, larger and smaller handles, different types of steel, and other characteristics. Why is the internal radius important and what does it mean? It has a particular soft spot with me, as it's the first knife I used when starting my greenwood carving a couple of years back. It is wicked sharp out of the box, and holds that edge well, without being too hard to get sharp. Now including the 2016 Garberg & Eldris. 31 Canvale Road, Canning Vale, WA 6155 Ph. Mora of Sweden offer a range of crook knives, sometimes called hook or spoon knives. Carbon steel. To highlight this special year, we proudly present a new website for our anniversary. Required fields are marked *. I got out my 2 Mora knives. Unlike the 164, the Mora 162 offers a high carbon steel blade with a double edge. Mora 162. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I can confidently name anyone I know who doesn’t own at least one Mora knife. 3. So with all that being said, I feel the best spoon carving knife is going to be the Beavercraft hook knife. These are traditional Scandinavian mugs made from wood. In recent years, our most classic craft knives have had their very own serial. The set – which contains Mora’s #120 carving knife w/sheath and the #164 hook knife – happens to be perfect for whittling things like spoons, bowls and cups: all things I’d never done before. Honestly, receiving a tool with a dull blade is not enough for me to rule it off, it’s an easy fix (unless you don’t have a sharpening stone and strop) so it isn’t that big of a deal. the Mora 106! Can't believe there are no reviews for this great little carving knife, i.e. Mora carving knives are a must-have for anyone looking to whittle or carve bowls, spoons, spatulas, walking sticks, etc. I have recently gotten in spoon carving, and find the Frost knives to be less than pleasant to use, a real workout, with not a lot of reward. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Refine Search. Sure, I’ve been carving wood since 1991, but I’ve never tried spoon carving… Hook Knife – Double Edged Knife for Professional Carvers by STAMESKY. Sharpening a hook knife seems pretty difficult due to the shape of the blade, but really it’s not so hard. Mora Knives Wood Carving 120 Knife Blank, Carbon SteelThe Morakniv 120 Wood Carving knife is a well-known and appreciated knife among wood carvers in Sweden. You’re always going to have better control with push cuts than you can with pull cuts. Along with its smaller sibling, the 120, these knives are essential if you want a cheap, but good, entry to spoon carving, etc. Don’t have anything to sharpen with? I have covered Morakniv knives before in my reviews, which I always recommend, and honestly folks…it’s near impossible not to. A hook knife with higher radius measurement is best used for carving a bowl. Something I noticed about the handle is that both ends have rounded tapered edges which is a pretty generic way of shaping handheld tools. Have you ever tried carving a spoon with JUST a whittling knife? Forest School Shop hold the full range and they can be chosen from the drop down menu. Even though this is number 3 on our list of best spoon carving knives it definitely deserves the number 2 spot. The best wood for carving is basswood because the grain is hardly an issue with it. a hook kn. This blade has the smaller curve of our hook knives. My preferred knife is the the Morakniv #120, with a 59 mm blade length. Basic Knives Companion Knives Classic Knives Outdoor Knives Wood Carving Tools Axes Accessories Outlet. Melbourne. Single – Great thing with a single edge blade is you can rest your thumb on the blunt part of the blade. If you want to carve your own spoon, dish or cup, a spoon knife is the best option as its U-shape makes it optimal for hollowing out rounded and concave shapes. Full tang. Morakniv. We've been working with ambassadors for a long time, people who use our products on a daily basis as well as dedicated and engaged in their special area of interest. Mora of Sweden have a wide collection of wood carving knives, including the worlds more popular Spoon Carving Knife, the Mora 164, for whittling the Mora 120 is a great option for both experts and beginners. We have a wide collection of knives.

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