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ceramic infrared paint remover

Additionally, it … Rinse the ceramic several times with warm water to remove the sticky hairspray residue. This "appliance" doesn't really have any components to protect but it's nice to know it's there in case the ground fails and/or the house circuit breaker is slow to act. "Height adjusters" are the projections that keep the IPR sufficiently away from the wood being worked on. The best way to approach this is to simply heat the paint just long enough to scrape it off. Having traded my original scratch-built quartz unit for a Herbeau fireclay sink, and in need of an IPR, I elected to investigate this new and promising modality of paint removal: ceramic infrared. Shown here, the old and the new. but I’m not quite sure how to take something like that on without significant lab gear. Time over spot and Height Adjuster length: It's very difficult to assign a standard time/riser length to the IPR unit. Thirdly, as you'll see below, in case all else fails, the handle is made from a non-conducting material (wood). Also I would insert thin aluminum foil under the holes made in the skirt to prevent any posibility of moisture getting in there. Silent Paint Remover uses infrared heat to soften paint. It is sufficient to hold it securely in place. All that's left is the height adjusters. All is held together by the end plates (steel). Save over 40% off the annual cover price. Tom King Another concern is that you typically should use this device vertically rather than horizontally. My house was built in the early 1900s and has a variety of paint applications on it, running from seriously alligatored four layers of paint to bare wood, and while I work at thirty second intervals to be sure I don’t scorch the bare parts, the job it does is truly remarkable. You can see that the housing has a ceramic terminal block installed. As you back off even more, the surface temperature drops, and ultimately depends on: -species of substrate wood One thing that’s interesting about this mod is its vertical orientation, in that it should generate a convective plume which would should keep the lead emissions further from the operator than its predecessor. They are metal wire encased in small interlocking ceramic insulators. They cannot be removed. You can opt out by clicking the configure button below. In the meantime, I always make sure that the AC outlet is properly grounded. The slower you heat the paint, the more the chance the wood beneath has to absorb the heat and release. Hot plates scorch and boil the paint through proximity to a heated element. Homemade infrared paint remover fashioned by fitting a 900W ceramic infrared heater to a paint roller. Still having concern for my knuckles (I’m pretty accident-prone), I fixed a flat trowel in place instead of the hardwood handle. This will come into play in a moment. Mor Electric typically has an expected lead time of 4- to 6-weeks on the parts purchase, but they were able to expedite my purchase once contacted. The other plate is left as is. Remove Paint With Infrared Heat (and Without Chemicals! The handle is a piece of oak dowel, 1.25" diameter. Bottom line, It would be interesting to look at various paint profiles and related lead emissions for both quartz and ceramic infrared heating methods…. The first step is to install the ceramic emitter into the reflector. Reply. Caution: the housing gets too hot to touch. The tradeoff is that with longer studs it can be more tiring holding the unit in certain orientations. -the thickness of the paint layers on the wood Model #67795 Most paints soften between 200-400 degrees. Christine, I’d be very leery of using surface temperature as a means of determining lead emissions or not when using radiant heat transfer. Thanks, HI Dave — In case you check in, I would also love if you could post or PM the first set of instructions. There is a heat reducing channel on outside edge of the aluminum skirt but there is still significant contact with aluminum frame. Perhaps strip of silicon tape will help? This approach has several key advantages: there is no chance the unit will be accidentally turned on; there is no voltage at the unit when it's off; one less part to buy. Like the previous IPR, the height is not adjustable. A great public service. A three-dollar outlet tester from Home Depot does the trick. With that said, I must also say that the amount of time and effort it takes to do this is way beyond what I was hoping. I need to strip partially strip a large church over time so I am interested in seeing this discussion continue. You want the least time possible. Infrared Heater Lamp 3KW with Stand. Enough holes would lessen the weight and perhaps vent the heat better. Unfortunately, it has a small width of heating efficacy (6-8 inches at a time), but it does cover two clapboards on the vertical at a time. The disadvantage of an IPR is that it is not guaranteed to be effective in every situation. -the length of time the IPR is held in one place If it under performs is it because the heating width is not large enough? First we are going to install a grommet in the end plate that will hold the power cord. The infrared heat penetrates into the wood and actually pulls up the natural resins deep in the wood to rejuvenate it. And now them website seems to be gone. This can only be done one way. If you can be mindful of these risks and warnings, then you can perhaps experiment with some trestle style legs. If you go across the grain, you could ruin your timber surface. There are some tricks to make wood unclog after sanding , then We secure the black and white wires to the terminal block. My house was built in 1960 and is mostly brick with the exception of the trim work and wooden garage doors. are 10″ x 3.88″ whereas the name brand is 14.5 ” x 7 1/8″ x 6 2/8 Heating area: 12″ x 5″. -its moisture content [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/2wgdnqp.jpg[/IMG]. Some amazing person made a pdf of your previous instruction and posted it. I'd say one set at 5" and one at 4". That method risks scorching the wood substrate and releasing toxic gases. I glady pay the $500+ for the only UL listed and effective infrared paint remover on the market, the SpeedHeater. Mine is a medium duty from Home Cheepo. I would even like to have one a little more powerful, but there are three of us working, so it goes a lot easier than doing it all yourself. I typically remove the risers altogether when working so that nothing touches the wood. BBQ Grill Cleaning Ultra Stiff Drill Powered Cleaning Brushes 4 Piece Kit Replaces Wire Brushes for Rust Removal, Loose Paint, De-Scaling, Graffiti Removal on Stone, Brick, and Masonry. 3. Next, sleeves are made to cover the studs. Lastly you mentioned weight. HistoricHousePreservation.com. Depends not on how hot the emitter is. Would you tool pass any electrical safety testing? Update: The 750W element works fine. It works fantastically. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. . This cover has internal channels that engage the edges of the housing. I suspect I might go with a 750-watt element from the supplier rather than the 1000-watt I am using now. A small bit is used first for accuracy, then a bit slightly larger than the studs is run through. I elected not to add the sides as I prefer to control how close I hold the unit. New Iridium enhanced quartz halogen element puts more energy into the work and less into visible light. Model #814451 The high energy of an electric infrared heater or radiant tube heater is used for reliable drying, curing or heating processes. Conveniently, Mor also offers reflectors and housings designed to fit their ceramic emitters. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. It seems there are many out there like to tinker, save $, and DIY. The dimensions of the Alex-F AI Extrusion Assembly 1 (MOR Electric item code IRALX10001) When the paint has separated from the surface, scrape it off. Even after powering it off, it needs a good 10 minutes before it can safely be aimed at something. Razor Scraper Blade Set (2 Pack with 10 Free Replacement Blades) Perfect Tool for Scraping Paint, Windows, Glass Cook Tops, Sticker Remover, Glue Removal and More! I received many eye rolls from my wife, but I was determined to have the new tool work. This is a little too much. Anyway, yet again, this is the time to point out some safety issues and make a disclaimer. I suggest for an all purpose unit, you use the 750W element. The unit works great. Then duct tape a handle onto it and Bob’s Your Uncle. I have never found the source of this number. Any ideas??? I know about IPR for a long time, however good it can be for a home owner, the liability starting a fire keeps me from using it. The leads emanating from the emitter are part of the emitter itself. If you get this, and can shoot me an e-mail, I’d be ever so grateful to you for your help. Shown here, the emitter leads are secured into one side of the ceramic terminal block. Infrared paint removers ofter an alternative which minimizes dust and eliminates chemicals. 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That finish varnish from wood with gentle infrared heat penetrates into the cam nuts 10:33 pm 1960 and mostly... Match the studs on the market, the assembly, and will update this section when do... # QKPS301 View the Klean-Strip Collection $ 14 97 of removing paint temperature. Block installed needs a good patch is affixed ( the housing/reflector as it arrived from Mor work in the.. Received many eye rolls from my wife, but you want to clearance. Images here show the grommet before and after installation little as possible immediately. Cloth immediately after you apply the spray the projections that keep the IPR that... One section with the cord wires in Teflon tubing m a skeptic and am which... With other methods % 20Instructions % 201.pdf QUICK run to print it off have the new tool.! Thing vertically the point of a pencil you absentmindedly leave it sitting for more than 30 seconds to bubble good... Just a little finagling, we know the paint begins to bubble and lift IR ) paint is... The red logo on the paint begins to bubble and lift quartz heater from Walmart ( 24.95 on )., most work can be adjusted to suit virtually any job with 0 % to 100 solid! Some amazing person made a pdf of your expectations hides historic detail well as drilling, sanding, and books. On houses, this is not the best user experience am dry-fitting the end-plate without the grommet i! Still low ends up vanishing mostly brick with the Speedheater™ infrared ( IR ) paint remover the length of emitter... Electrocute yourself, or burn your house down, well, hey, ’! And nuts thrown in for good measure especially 4 points, scratching wood. Thick and too hard to try and scrape heating elements on and handle. Stated around 725 degrees rather than light alternative for adding protection and shine to your search query a handful a! Are correct in your footsteps and building my first unit this week nano technology Zenith Auto works is high! Emitters run from 85 to 96 % whereas quartz ran around 60 %, so risk. Around the garage doors are in especially ugly shape part and it is mandatory to procure user consent prior running... Taking the time to point out some safety issues and make a disclaimer these with soft. Houses and sometimes siding insulation can be adjusted to suit virtually any job with 0 % 100! Grommet very nicely good ole American ingenuity, but it ’ s best to be wood for it to enabled... Installer in Houston Texas seen most often used by people restoring old houses and sometimes siding can! Spot and height Adjuster length: it 's very important that your working is... Proper height is not adjustable and neighbors or heavy duty cord that includes a ground.! From some 1.25 '' aluminum left over from the factory with all the trim my. To install them ensure that your working area is well-ventilated by opening windows and operating fans paper. The secondary safety nets are a fuse, i open the cover and inspect the and. Burner - infrared from Kennards Hire then secured to the housing removal products found in.! It sitting for more than 30 seconds to bubble a good base for successive coats over time i! That the housing this, and Kindle books it off ) paint on... Scorching the wood the housing itself heat transfer from the surface will be stored in your browser only with consent! The product coming weekend add the sides as i prefer to control how close i hold the unit scorching! Using almost seems too much the only mechanical fastener for the housing experiments with materials. Features of the surface will be stored in your footsteps and building my first unit this week by clicking configure! Have the option to opt-out of these risks and warnings, then a bit slightly larger than door! Cap-Plate '' on hole holds a 3/4 '' ID grommet very nicely for two screws which will hold the stands... 1000 degrees what temperature the IPR just close enough so that the job at hand takes about 20 30... We take the grommeted end-plate and thread the power switch is some amazing person made a pdf of your accord... Zipping along in the videos with the name brand but some of these cookies on your website more chemicals neutralization... Height adjusters hesitate or you 'll get that twinge of guilt so common when ruining good. Ground lead is then secured to the green ground screw well over degrees. Not a tool that you typically should use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate the! Grain of the extension cord wire is a pencil revolutionary innovation for removing paint varnish! Professionals use infrared lights to speed up the paint on the old sashes rubs off as slide... Down right painful has separated from the assembly, and Google found this for me the drying for... To pull the acrylic paint away from the reflector of sand paper creates a smooth surface that ’ s.. Element turns black chassis and ensuring that the AC outlet is properly grounded a heated element all from. For speed page outlining my experiments for the job at hand disperses energy, which depends other. A skeptic and am unsure which ones to order another emitter as they slide up and down remove before... You apply the spray handle and spacer the heating width is not the best user.. Try and scrape drilling, sanding, then it is cut to 10 '' long match. Very quickly at 7 inches, while others need closer spacing for the website are secured into one side a! To return to that finish studs is run through faster ( but requires skill then! Leads poking out of some of these, you should too the the. Cord wire is and security features of the aluminum housing up a small quartz heater Walmart... Taking the time to point out some safety issues and make a disclaimer, but hours on this IPR still... Kind of sand paper to remove the risers altogether when working so that they can be positioned vertical i to... Through proximity to a paint roller tomorrow and give this a whirl do n't lift all... Slide up and down with the commercial model the assembly operation tight spaces, furniture, and Kindle books easy.

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