PP products consist of a series of training workshops designed to support newly appointed leaders officers to carry out the roles and functions required of them as change-makers. The objective of the programme is to raise the professional capability and confidence of leaders and provide a range of management, personal and organisational skills development needed for success in their roles. It will also help them understand the internal and external context in which they operate and how to successfully negotiate the organisation’s political environment.

PP utilises a powerful set of tools to aid the successful delivery of internal and external change. From experience we know that effective delivery is as much about people as it is about applying proven systems and processes. Our consultants are skilled at helping clients to apply cutting edge techniques to help build effective business strategies which are inclusive of the needs of internal and external stakeholders. A key part of our approach is to achieve good transfer of knowledge and skills and empower leaders to achieve a higher state of organisational maturity.

Diversity is a given and a blessing. Deployed effectively it can transfuse an organisation with fresh energies and fuel innovation. However, if diversity is neglected and left unmanaged misunderstandings, discontent and conflict can begin to interrupt the smooth running of a business. Our team has decades of experience assisting organisations to understand and manage the challenges and benefits of diversity. Whatever your requirements, from equality strategies, through to impact assessments and training we can support your organisation to reap the benefits of diversity.

PP provides a wide range of training centred on maximising productivity by valuing people, removing arbitrary barriers to effective team working and meeting the needs diverse customers.  This is a small selection of our courses:

  • Diversity & Inclusive Behaviours
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Managing Diverse Teams
  • Through the Looking Glass Ceiling (Gender Equality)
  • Focus on Ability (Disability Awareness)

In addition to our excellent equality and diversity courses we have specialist courses designed to impart a better understanding of minority cultures and religious practices.

Organisational development, changes brought about by restructuring as well as the need to provide key employees with support through a change of role or career are often catalysts, which inspire organisations to seek coaching or mentoring. At one time coaching and mentoring were reserved for senior managers and company directors, now it is available to all as a professional or personal development tool. Our Coaching and Mentoring support are also closely linked with organisational change initiatives in order to help staff to accept and adapt to changes in a manner consistent with their personal values and goals. We provide coaching for Black & Minority Ethnic staff as an essential part of positive action strategies.

If managers are having a difficult time understanding how to engage and support ethnic minority staff our diversity coaching programme is designed to help set goals and establish the appropriate mindset for successful professional relationship with BME staff.

We have a team of experienced and qualified Mediators who can be called to resolve disputes between staff and employer as a cost effective way of managing the inevitable conflicts that occasionally arises in business. Mediation is a form of alternative conflict resolution voluntarily entered into which avoids the courts and expensive legal processes. We offer this service to clients in order to assist them to normalise relations on the path to developing the productive capacity of their businesses.

What people say About us

Platinum Paradigm provides world-class diversity and leadership training. I am happy to endorse their work and recommend it to others. It is a pleasure to work with a company that combines high standards with ethical values that reflects our own.
arnold-zuluThe work Platinum Paradigm does with business networks like ours is outstanding. Joel has provided capacity development support to the Zambian Trade Tourism and Cultural Centre. His excellent rapport with our members has also made him a popular keynote speaker at our networking events
Joel is a great interview coach. He took me through my paces prior to an important interview, helped me to address blind spots, and sharpened up my presentation skills. I recommend him as a coach to anyone aiming for a senior executive position
Platinum Paradigm designed two excellent skill building courses for SMA. The feedback from our doctors was very positive and the course has helped to inform good practice
christian-doughlasUnique Talent commissioned Platinum Paradigm to develop a Mediation Training programme that empowers local people to resolve neighbourhood disputes peacefully. The course was excellent and Joel’s insight into the situations faced by young people played a major part in its success. PP is highly recommended
cassandra-blowersI have worked with Joel over many years, he is a charismatic trainer who brings practical experience of overcoming the challenges of implementing equality strategies in NHS.

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